Picturesque Landscapes

Maine’s Victorian houses, cobblestone streets, rural farmland and lush forests are as diverse as your storybook.

Timeless New England Villages

Maine offers the most authentic and timeless story book fishing village along the Downeast coast.

Maine’s Rugged Coast

Maine's rugged “Bold Coast” is the longest stretch of breathtakingly pristine and wild coastal landscape.

"We have been fortunate to have made two movies in Maine — The Way We Get By and Beneath The Harvest Sky.” Maine is a very special state in that there are so many options for locations. Given its size, you can travel to northern Maine, southern Maine, all along the coast, and tell a number of different stories in totally unique worlds with each film having very distinctive looks. The abundance of locations combined with the incredible generosity of the people and communities, make filmmaking in Maine a pure joy. We would not be filmmakers today without the support from the people of Maine and we will be forever grateful."

- Gita Pullapilly and Aron Gaudet, The Way We Get By and Beneath the Harvest Sky

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