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Stories From The Wild: YETI Film Tour Headed to Maine

The YETI Film Tour is coming to The Depot at Thompson’s Point in Portland Wednesday 6/22 at 8pm.

The films chase storms and legacies, myths and miles. Join us for special guest appearances, YETI gear giveaways, and seven new films in one epic night of storytelling. And we’re proud to say all proceeds from this film tour will go toward preserving our wild places through our conservation partners.

A complimentary piece of YETI Drinkware, fueled by TINCUP Whiskey is included in the price of your ticket. Pick yours up when you arrive at the event location then use it everywhere you go after.

Where Do Actors Live While Filming?

Filming a movie or TV show can take a long time. According to cinematographer Margaret Kurniawan, “One or two script pages will take a whole day to film.” The longer the script, the longer actors are away from home. 

Actors who are filming on location can be away for days, weeks, or months at a time, meaning they need a temporary place to call home. From lavish villas to economical trailers, there is a wide range of places actors can live while filming.

Tourism council awards $2K to Maine Film Center

Kennebec Valley Tourism Council has awarded $2,000 in sponsorship support funds to the Maine Film Center for the 25th Maine International Film Festival.

This funding aims to assist in the growth of tourism in Maine’s Kennebec Valley and produce a positive economic impact on the region, according to a news release from the council.

Indie Film: ‘The Hunting Trail’ captures how wrong things can go in the woods

The short film has been accepted into five festivals and has its sights set on more

An avid bowhunter from a family of avid bowhunters, Wright stars in the new short film “The Hunting Trail.” The spare and grueling story of a young hunter’s very bad day in the Maine woods came from an idea Wright had back in 2016, when he’d first started pursuing acting. Teaming with frequent filmmaking partner Henry Riley (who wrote, directed and edited the film), Wright is all alone on screen for the entire 20-minute run time.