Legislative Update

Legislative Update

LD 1334, An Act to Promote Economic Development through Increased Film Incentives, has been scheduled for a Work Session on Thursday, February 17th. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

The purpose of work sessions is to allow committee members to discuss bills thoroughly and vote on the committee’s recommendation, or report to the Legislature. The committee works with the legislative analyst to draft amendments or review amendments proposed by others. Amendments are suggested changes to the bill, which may clarify, restrict, expand, or correct it. The committee’s decisions on bills and amendments are expressed by votes on motions made during a work session; the final action is called a “committee report.” The committee reports the bill to the originating body as is, with amendment, with a divided report or with a unanimous recommendation of Ought Not to Pass.

The process by which an idea becomes a law is a complicated one, involving many steps. It is designed to prevent hasty or uninformed decisions on matters that can affect the lives of every Maine citizen. Although the process may seem confusing at first, rules and procedures clearly define the steps that apply to every bill.

"We have been fortunate to have made two movies in Maine — The Way We Get By and Beneath The Harvest Sky.” Maine is a very special state in that there are so many options for locations. Given its size, you can travel to northern Maine, southern Maine, all along the coast, and tell a number of different stories in totally unique worlds with each film having very distinctive looks. The abundance of locations combined with the incredible generosity of the people and communities, make filmmaking in Maine a pure joy. We would not be filmmakers today without the support from the people of Maine and we will be forever grateful."

- Gita Pullapilly and Aron Gaudet, The Way We Get By and Beneath the Harvest Sky

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"Hands down, Karen Carberry Warhola in the Maine Film Office was the most supportive person I’ve ever spoken with, with any film project I’ve ever worked on."

- Scotty Crowe, Astraea

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